We are American Legion Madera Post 131 and we are an “All Volunteer” Post. All activities are run and managed by volunteers. Can you Volunteer to Help (Volunteer Program link)?

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Mailing/Street Address:  249 W. Esperanza Blvd, Green Valley, AZ  (Located in the Green Valley Village)

Lounge/Bar: Currently CLOSED until further notice

Dining Room: Beginning Sep 3, 2020: Mon, Thur, Fri: 4 – 7 pm. Beginning Oct 1, 2020: Tues – Fri: 11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Office: Mon – Fri: 10 am – 12 PM

Phone:  520-398-6245                 Fax: 520-398-6390

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American Legion Post 131 is complying with Arizona COVID 19 requirements for restaurants. The following will apply at all indoor events:

  • There will be a greeter at the door to take your temp and ask a couple of wellness questions.
  • You will then take up your business with the ticket seller/cashier at the normal welcome desk.
  • Then, a Hostess or Host will seat you. We can accommodate groups of 6 at a rectangular table. Others will be seated at high-tops in the dining room.
  • You must keep your 6’ social distance whenever not at your table.
  • You must wear your mask at all times when not seated at your table.
  • There will be NO bar seating!
  • There may be more as the COVID playing field is fluid!

Through your support of our lounge and food service operations, American Legion Madera Post 131 and Legion Riders have been able to donate over $120,252.00 to various Veterans and Youth organizations in our community. Additional donations have also been made by the Legion Auxiliary and Sons of the American Legion. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.

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Veteran Benefits/Claims Help (Service Officer Info)

American Legion Service Officer

Do you need help with Veterans Benefits or Claims?

Members in need of benefits and disability claims will need to contact our Veteran Service Officer at vso@post131.org or the Arizona Department of Veterans Services, Tucson Benefits Office at:

1661 North Swan Rd, Suite 128, Tucson, AZ  85712,  520-207-4960

Other Helpful Information 

To prepare for opening a VA claim for disability or other benefits compensation, the veteran should try and gather the following documents:

  • Military Discharge (aka DD Form 214) – original or certified copy is BEST.
  • Other Military Service information (branch, dates of service, reserve or National Guard service dates, etc.)
  • Medical records (military and/or civilian) if available, and if applying for a service-connected disability.
  • Contact information for civilian medical providers who treated the veteran for military related sicknesses or injuries (i.e., doctors, specialists, hospitals, etc.)
  • Your bank deposit information (i.e., Voided check.  VA will automatically deposit into this account if benefits are awarded)

Veterans or surviving Kin can request Military Service Records (military discharge, personnel, and medical) via the Internet at:  http://www.archives.gov/veterans/

Transitions for Veterans

For qualified Veterans and their Surviving Spouses the decision to seek help with assisted living, in-home care, or skilled nursing just got a whole lot easier.  Transitions for Veterans can help make this transition a more positive one. A Veteran’s dedicated service to our country could qualify them or their Surviving Spouse for a pension to offset the cost of assisted living, in-home care, or skilled nursing.  Contact Transitions for Veterans online at http://www.transitionsforveterans.org/ or by phone at 1 (888) 929-6055.

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Renew Membership? The American Legion starts yearly membership renewal on July 1st each year for the next calendar year with a renewal mailing to all members. Current members may also renew online by clicking this link. Post 131 is provided preprinted cards for renewal purposes. 

All members are requested to renew their membership in the Post 131 office or online in order to receive the new Early Bird Value Added Card and to help achieve the honorable 100% renewal distinction. Early Bird Value Added Card provides members with a limited number of discounted drinks for a period of time.

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