Volunteers Program

WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP TO KEEP THE POST GOING!! Below is a list of specific jobs which the Post needs help with and the projected hours required for each.


Host/Hostess (greet & seat people in the dining room)1-3 hrs per eventMon, Thurs, Fri
Set up kitchen for burger nights (buns, bacon, cheese, grilled onions, lettace, etc)3 Hrs per weekMon a.m.
Set up dining room for Saturday dinner events (usually twice a month on 2nd and 4th Saturday)1-2 Hrs each eventSat a.m.
Set up hot dogs, buns, condiments, etc., for bar sales.1 Hr per weekSat before 9 a.m.
Slice tomatoes, onions and lettuce for burger nights2 Hrs per weekMon a.m.
Kitchen Helper (make salad, cut cake, order expediter, plater, etc)Varies by eventVaries
Server in Dining Room2-4 hrs per eventVaries
Table Busser1-3 hrs per eventVaries
Lunch Kitchen Volunteer1-3 hrs1-4 days a week


Volunteer Status: There are NO paid positions at American Legion Post 131.  Bartenders, maintenance people, cooks, waiters, dishwashing, house committee, Post Officers, and others involved in making Post 131 operate on a day-to-day basis are all volunteers of their time, energy, and talents. 

Tips/Gratuities: Our bartenders do work for TIPS only. During food events, we ask that you kindly TIP the other volunteers who serve you by patiently taking your food orders, delivering those orders, and cleaning up the dining room upon your departure.  Thank You!

Meal and Refreshments: Volunteers receive a post after-shift beverage and a FREE meal during the volunteer’s “shift” or while performing other volunteer duties at the Post.


Food Handlers Certificate: All kitchen volunteers and all lunch volunteers, INCLUDING CASHIERS, MUST take and pass the Food Handlers certification test. You can take the training at http://www.efoodcard.com for a cost of $7.95, but you don’t pay until you pass the test. The Post will reimburse the cost of this training.

CLICK HERE for the updated Kitchen & Sanitation Guidelines for Post 131 to comply with current COVID and Pima County Health Department guidelines.


The House Committee is led by Chairman Bruce Distler and his committee as designated on the Officers page of this web site.