The Madera Post 131 E Board decided to resume operations on September 3rd with Queen of Hearts. Re-opening will not be business as we had it in the pre-COVID days! It is hoped that this kickoff evening for members only will be successful and we will continue with the Taco Night, Hamburger Night and Special Dinners as we have scheduled in the past! A calendar will be developed and added to the this page in the near future.

You can expect a few changes to the pre-COVID routine when you show up and the following will apply at all indoor events:

  1. There will be a greeter at the door to take your temp and ask a couple of wellness questions.
  2. You will then take up your business with the ticket seller/cashier at the normal welcome desk.
  3. Then, a Hostess or Host will seat you. We can accommodate groups of 6 at a rectangular table. Others will be seated at high-tops in the dining room.
  4. You must keep your 6’ social distance whenever not at your table.
  5. You must wear your mask at all times when not seated at your table.
  6. There will be NO bar seating!
  7. There may be more as the COVID playing field is fluid!