Dining Opportunities

Kitchen Operations: Post 131 maintains a wonderful kitchen which is managed, operated, and maintained by Volunteers.  If YOU are interested in helping out in the kitchen for any of our regular or special food events, please CLICK HERE to review our Volunteer Program and to contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

Food Events: Post 131 maintains a regular schedule of kitchen/food events.  Click on the below links to the web pages for details of each.   Also CHECK the Online Calendar to make sure of the day/dates of these events!!!

  • Monday Night Burgers
  • Lunches.
    Lunches are served Tuesday through Friday, September through May from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.
  • Special Events

Kitchen Equipment: The post purchased and/or installed the following kitchen equipment in order to prepare and offer high quality meals to its members.

  • 2 Large, commercial convection ovens
  • 1 large, six burner, gas stove/oven
  • 1 large, 48″ commercial charbroiler/grill
  • 2 medium warming ovens
  • 2 medium size, 2 basket, deep fryers
  • 1 500 lb, commercial ice maker
  • 2 Large, walk-in refrigerators
  • 2 large, commercial freezers
  • 3 Insert steam table

Pima County Health Department Inspections: The Pima County Health Department conducts regular inspections of the kitchen, lounge/bar, associated food pantries and dish washing facilities.  The Post has always passed these inspections; most of them with high marks!