Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts Progressive Raffle will be conducted at Post # 131 each Thursday from 4:00 till 6:00 PM.

 How do you play Queen of Hearts?

  1. Queen of Hearts Raffle tickets will be sold at a cost of 3 tickets for $5.00 between the hours of 4:00 and 5:45 PM the day of the raffle.
  2. Tickets will be sold by QH Volunteer’s in the multi-purpose room.
  3. Each person will be able to buy up to $300.00 worth of tickets.
  4. No group tickets. Each ticket sold will have one authorized person’s name, please do not write nicknames or abbreviations.
  5. Exception: If a member chooses to donate their winnings, any reference to Post # 131 is okay: (eg; Post 131, ALA 131, SAL 131,.ALR 131)
  6. One winning ticket will be selected from the Raffle Drum at 6:00 PM.
  7. The winner will then select a card and open one envelope of his or her choice.

What’s the Payout?
The card selected by the winner will pay-out as follows: 

    1. Number cards from Two through Ten will pay $25.00.
    2. Face cards (Except the Queen of Hearts), and Aces will pay $50.00.
    3. Jokers will pay $100.00.
    4. Queen of Hearts card (Game Winner) will receive half the proceeds from the total through the previous week.
  • Note: The next game after a Queen of Hearts winner will start with the amount of proceeds from the previous week, and build until there is a Queen of Hearts winner.